Supply & Service

Marine Automations & Marine Instrumentations Repairs,  Troubleshoot, Supply, Installation, Maintenance, Certification & Calibration Services, including  :

Cargo Level Monitoring System 

Cargo Temperature Monitoring System

Cargo Pressure Monitoring System

Cargo Tank High Level Alarm

Cargo Tank Overfill Alarm System 

Cargo Hold Water Ingress Detection & Alarm System

Cargo Oil Pump Temperature Monitoring System 

Pump Room Gas Alarm - Combustible, H2S and Oxygen

ACC / Automatic Combustible Control System Boiler

Ballast Tank & Draft Gauging System 

Ballast Tank Combustible Gas Alarm

Vapour Emission Control System - Pressure & Oxygen

Radar Type Tank Level Gauging System

Manifold Pressure Monitoring System

Cargo Tank Monitoring System 

Measuring Instruments

Combustible Gas Detector 

Combustible Gas Monitor 

Combustible Gas Analyzer

Pocketable Gas Detector 

Vapour Alarm System 

Pump Room Gas Detection System 

IGG / Inert Gas Generator System 

Inert Gas Oxygen Analyzing System 

IGS / Inert Gas System 

Flue Gas System 

Nitrogen (N2) System 

Gas Detection System Water Ballast Tank / WBT

Ballast Tank Gas Detection 

Ballast Water Treatment 

Pressure and Temperature Instruments

OWS / Oily Water Separators

ODME / Oil Discharge Monitor Equipment System

Portable Single Gas detector

Portable Multi Gas detector

Fixed Gas Detection System 

Pressures Gauges and Transmitter

Temperature Gauges and Transmitter

Tank Level Gauging system

Electricals Panel Meter



KW meter

Bilge Alarm Monitor for 15 PPM Bilge Separator 

UTI Meters / Ullage Temperature Interface Meter

UTI Tapes / Ullage Temperature Interface Gauging Tapes

O2 Oxygen Gas Analyzer 

O2 Oxygen Gas Monitor 

O2 Oxygen Gas Detector 

Level Alarm Systems 

High High Level Alarm Systems

Gas Analyzers

Alcohol Detector Tester

Flow meter

Flow Transmitter

Torque Wrenches

Dial Gauge

Multi Meter

Ohm Meter 

Ballast Tank Gauging and Gas Detection Alarm

Toxic Gas Detector 

Toxic Gas Monitor

Toxic Gas Analyzer 

Smoke Detectors 

Fire Alarm Systems 

BNWAS / Bridge Navigation Watched Alarm System

Personal Multiple Gas Detecting Alarm 

H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detector 

H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Monitor 

H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Analyzer 

CO2 Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector

CO2 Carbon Monoxide Gas Monitor 

CO2 Carbon Monoxide Gas Analyzer 

Noise Survey & Megger Test

CCTV / Closed Circuit Television Systems for Ships

CCP / Controllable Pitch Propulsion  

Steam Condenser Level Control System

ICCP / Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System 


RO / Reverse Osmosis System

Fresh Water Generator System 

Pressure / Temperature Measuring Instruments

Shaft Power and Ship Performance System 

PLC Control Panels  

Power Distribution Panels

Engine safety alarm & Shutdown System

OCM Oil Content Meter / Oil Content Monitor for 15ppm OWS Oil Water Separator 

Customized Test & Calibration Equipments 

Customized Test & Calibration Instruments

Oil Mist Detector 

COT High Level Alarm 

Overfill Alarm Systems 

Engine Monitoring Systems 

Engine Control Systems 

Engine Control Room Alarm Systems 

COT Cargo Oil Tank Monitoring System

General Alarm Systems 

PLC based Automation Systems 

Service Tanks Level Reading 

Low & High Alarm Monitoring Systems 

Gas Sampling Systems 

Chain Locker Water Level

Engine Telegraph Systems

Stern Thruster 

Bow Thruster Control

Rudder , etc

Electronics Navigation Communication Systems & Equipments Repair, Troubleshoot, Supply, Installation, Annual Maintenance Services, such as ;

S Band Radar

X Band Radar

ARPA Radar System

AIS / Automatic Identification System

Analog Gyro Compass

Digital Gyro Compass

GPS / Global Positioning System

ECDIS / Electronic Chart Display and Information System

Public Address System

Echo Sounder

Magnetic Compass

Auto Pilot

Steering Control

Rudder System

GMDSS / Global Maritime Distress and Safety System

VDR / Voyage Data Recorder System

S-VDR / Simplified Voyage Data Recorder


V-SAT/ Broadband


SSB Radio Station

Fuel Monitoring System

Vessel Tracking Monitoring System

Weather Monitoring System

Navigation Panel Light

Bridge Remote Control

Steering System

Speed Log

Auto Telephone System

Intrinsically Telephone System

Weather Fax

Navtex Receiver

AIS System / AIS Receiver System

SSAS & LRIT System

GSM Marine Phone

Sonar System

BNWAS / Bridge Navigational Watch & Alarm System

EPIRB / Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon

PA / Public Address System

Talkback System

Intercom system

Internet Access Network, CCTV, Intranet, LAN (Local Are Network), Computer Integration with Network (wired or wireless) on Ships

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