Indonesian Marine Services MARINE SERVICE ID : Navigating the Seas, A Guide to Different Ship Types

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The world of maritime transportation is a diverse and complex one, with various ship types designed to perform specific tasks and meet unique transportation needs. Right now, we will explore some of the most common ship types, each with its own distinctive characteristics and purposes.

Cargo Ships

Cargo ships are the workhorses of the maritime industry, designed to transport goods and commodities across the world's oceans and waterways. They come in different categories, including container ships, bulk carriers, and general cargo ships, each optimized for specific cargo types and volumes.

Tanker Ships

Tanker ships are specialized vessels used for transporting liquid cargoes, such as crude oil, petroleum products, chemicals, and liquefied natural gas (LNG). They play a crucial role in the global energy trade and are categorized based on the type of cargo they carry, including oil tankers, chemical tankers, and LNG carriers.

indonesian marine services & supply

Passenger Ships

Passenger ships are designed to carry people, whether for leisure, tourism, or daily commuting. These ships vary in size and purpose, ranging from large cruise liners and ferries to smaller coastal passenger vessels.

Container Ships

Container ships are specifically designed for transporting standardized cargo containers. They are essential for the global logistics chain, enabling efficient and secure transportation of goods in containers of various sizes.

Bulk Carriers

Bulk carriers specialize in transporting loose, dry bulk cargoes, such as coal, minerals, grains, and ores. They come in different sizes, from Handysize to Capesize, each suited for specific cargo volumes and routes.

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Fishing Vessels

Fishing vessels are used for commercial fishing operations, ranging from small trawlers to large factory ships equipped with processing facilities. They play a critical role in the global seafood industry.

Research Vessels

Research vessels are equipped with specialized equipment and laboratories for scientific research in fields such as oceanography, marine biology, and geology. They contribute to our understanding of the oceans and marine ecosystems.

Tugboats and Towboats

Tugboats and Towboats provide towing and assistance services to other vessels, helping them maneuver in harbors, navigate through narrow channels, and tow barges.

Naval and Military Vessels

Naval and Military vessels are used by the armed forces for Defense and Security purposes. They include Aircraft Carriers, Destroyers, Submarines, Fregat, Cruiser, Corvette, Patrol Boats, etc

Yachts and Pleasure Craft

Yachts and pleasure craft are recreational vessels used for cruising, sailing, and water sports. They come in various sizes, from small sailboats to luxury superyachts.

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Indonesian Marine Services MARINE SERVICE ID 

The world of ships is as diverse as the waters they navigate, with each ship type designed to meet specific transportation and operational needs. Whether it's moving goods across the seas, conducting scientific research, or providing leisure and tourism experiences, these ships are the backbone of global maritime transportation, contributing to economic growth, connectivity, and exploration on a global scale.

MARINE SERVICE ID Indonesia Marine Service has a team of Engineers & Technicians  who are Well Trained, Reliable and Experienced in Repairs, Troubleshooting, Reprogramming, Installation, Annual Maintenance & Calibration On Board Services at the fleets of various Shipping Company in Indonesia Ports and Sea area. 

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Marine Service ID also supports the development of the maritime and shipping industry in the Indonesian sea area by providing various Technical Services of Ship Automations, Ship Electricals, Ship Electronics & Ship Instrumentations for various types of marine vessels including ; 

Reprogramming,Maintenance,Repair,Troubleshooting,Annual Certification & Calibration Services 

Various of Electronics P.C.B. Boards 

Various Types of Ship Systems Installation, Wiring & Termination 

Boiler & Generator Controller and Generator AVR

Bilge Floats, Level Gauge

Relay, Indicators, Panels 

Navigational Panels Light

Temperature Controller & Transmitters, RTD Sensor, Thermometer

Fixed & Portable Gas Detectors, Oxygen Analyzers,Spare Kits & Span Gas

Vapour Alarm Systems & Fire Alarm Systems

Pressure Transmitter, Gauges. Pneumatic Pressure Transmits, Pressure Switch

Test Pump and Gauges

Valve Solenoid & Valve Positioner

Engine Telegraph Unit (ETU)

Gas Analizer and Gas Alarm Monitor Control

Ullage Temperature Interface / UTI Meter

Flow Meter 

Portable Multi Gas Detectors and Portable Single Gas Detectors

Fixed Gas Detection Systems 

Fixed Gas Sampling Systems 

Pump Room Gas Detection Systems

Temperature Calibrator & Pressure Calibrator

Multimeter, Thermometer and Alcohol meter 

Pressure Gauges & Transmitters

Engine Control Room Alarm Monitor & Control / ECR

Cargo Control Room Alarm Monitor & Control / CCR

Engine Protection & Safety Devices

Engine Temperature & Pressure Alarm Monitoring and Control

Engine & Atmospheric Oil Mist Detection 


Engine RPM Indicator

Engine Remote Control

Engine Temperature Control System

Exhaust Gas / Engine Thermometer 

Supply & Installation Services

Bilge Alarm Monitor for 15ppm OWS Oily Water Separator 

Oil Discharge Monitor Equipments ODME 

Tank High Level Alarm 

Tank Overfill Level Alarm 

Tank High High Level Alarm 

Vapour Pressure Alarm System & Monitor Control  

Span Gas for Gas Calibration 

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